Welcome to the new site!
Welcome to the new site!
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This is a first of many blog posts regarding my photography side of thing. 

I can comfortably say I have a lot to learn but I wanted somewhere to be able to watch the progress i make over time, I have no idea on how to write a blog or what is even interesting but here we are. 

I know I have posted these on Instagram already but thank you for taking a look, it not really something I'm sure I will continue with or even let people know I'm doing this but I will update this after every future shoot moving forward. 

Moving on from this, I will be doing a photo book in the following months as another way to remember how I progress with photography, these will be available in small batches but I'm more just doing it for myself.

This was a spontaneous trip to the city with the boys to take some photos and have some dinner, some how ended up walking 5km to get Jon's son some hungry jacks which happened to be closed at 7:00pm. While walking the 5km it comfortably left Mark and myself nervous about our cars and where we had left them on the outskirts of the city. 

Luckily we returned to the cars safe and untouched and none of my cameras stolen. 

Jon - @kanashimiphoto

Mark - @chaser_enjoy

Chris - lanky_corolla

Below will be some photos which I took with my Canon EOS rebel G - 50mm 1.8 lens and I shot with some Kodak pro image 100. 





A couple more with my Sony A7ii with my 50mm lens, digital is a huge learning curve for me, I think more the editing side of things so if you notice some differences that is why. 



If you made it this far.

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